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Blog Crews ♥

Azn Dreamerz Blog Crew[Masukawa Hiroaki]

[BUMP OF CHICKEN] is thesoundtrackto my life.

I will date "Masukawa Hiroaki" on Valentine's Day 2008.☆彡

••• asian male artist blog crew ♬ 《 Masukawa Hiroaki》

Masukawa Hiroaki→ is my anti-drug

(Masukawa Hiroaki) + » internet obsession!!

}}Masukawa Hiroaki is my perfect man~

Back off biotch! Masukawa Hiroaki's pants belongs to me!♥♥♥

Masukawa Hiroaki ☆ on Asian Male Blogcrew 2008

[VERB. n. (i) Masukawa Hiroaki (ii) it's what who I do ;)]

Masukawa Hiroaki's voice is

☆彡Masukawa Hiroakibanged me like a screendoorin a HURRICANE彡☆

*Masukawa Hiroaki* makes my SUN shine bright~

love,(lŭv) n. ~Masukawa Hiroaki~.

*Masukawa Hiroaki* makes me going CRAZY; he won't stop kissing me all day! ☆彡

OMG when Masukawa Hiroaki laughs ... it makes me giggle like a school girl!

» [Masukawa Hiroaki]« and I FIGHT a LOT!!! But making up is really hot FUN~! ♪

Masukawa Hiroaki + Rika » otp!

[Masukawa Hiroaki] is my own personal teddy bear. I can't sleep without him in my arms~!

I married [Masukawa Hiroaki] , and we adopted [Fujiwara Motoo] to complete our happy little FAMILY!

he makes me go mokyu-mokyu! ~♪ Masukawa Hiroaki he makes my heart dance ~♪

Masukawa Hiroaki』is my other half.

Masukawa Hiroaki makes my go DOKI DOKI

Masukawa Hiroaki said: "I belongs to Rika forever"

DAMN! I would l-o-v-e to be{Masukawa Hiroaki}'sMircophone!

『S!U!H! J-Music!』 アルエ (Arue) [BUMP OF CHICKEN]

[Masukawa Hiroaki] will be the death of me

||Masukawa Hiroaki|| can't take their ♥HANDS♥ xxxoff of me!!xxx

Every morning I wake up and see a different guy sleeping next to me.Today I woke up by [Masukawa Hiroaki]'s naked body.

[Masukawa Hiroaki] will visit me at jail 。。。 after I'll kill all his fangirls

Masukawa Hiroaki makes me happy in the pants.

[ADMIT IT ☆☆Masukawa Hiroaki is a FASHION GOD!]

アルエ (Arue)!! BUMP OF CHICKEN Flame Vein kira_rika

I'm married to Masukawa Hiroaki on 6/22/2013

I get a feeling when *Masukawa Hiroaki* walks into the room.

My love for [Masukawa Hiroaki] is everlasting~

[ Hoshit. I can't resist those tempting lips of *Masukawa Hiroaki*! (((( ;°Д°)))) ]

¬::: Masukawa Hiroaki wants to melt me cruelly with his Honey Fingers:::¬

Masukawa Hiroaki causes the butterflies in my stomach...

→★←I d-a-n-c-e-dwith∴【Masukawa Hiroaki】∴UNDER THE★☆→STARS←☆★

Feel The ☆Shiny☆ BlogcrewMasukawa Hiroaki

\\I'm going with ::: Masukawa Hiroaki ::: to jrockstar & Mao's wedding!! //

If I could I would so kidnap [Masukawa Hiroaki] and take him to Antarctica where his fangirls could not get to us!

Rikais property ofMasukawa Hiroaki

I had a picnic with [Masukawa Hiroaki] in middle of the beautiful cherry blossoms, but he told me "You are even prettier than the prettiest blossom!" (^o^)丿

\\ Masukawa Hiroakiwants to hold me :: thrill me :: kiss me //

[Masukawa Hiroaki] kissed me in the pouring δ R A I N δ δ .
I swear it turned to S T E A M around us!

Masukawa Hiroaki is my cuppycake

my Easter Bunny OTP pair ˚•Hiro x Fuji•°

《~Masukawa Hiroakiwon’tshut upabout howprettyI am! ~》

[Masukawa Hiroaki] makes me feel all lovey-dovey

I've got ドキドキ! LOVE メール from [ Masukawa Hiroaki ].

< /small>stfu! BUMP OF CHICKEN is teh best EVAH!< /font>

back OFF biatch, [Masukawa Hiroaki] belongs to me in every blogcrew!!

¤Masukawa Hiroaki is my man-bitch!!!¤


[ If I was stranded on a deserted island I would bring: matches, food, and [Masukawa Hiroaki]! ]

i keep Masukawa Hiroaki under my bed for EASY ACCESS

Masukawa Hiroaki is my lovebird
he sings me sweet songs every day & night

"You may now kiss the bride." & Masukawa Hiroaki 's lips fell on mine. ×××

I went with Masukawa Hiroaki to the wedding of 武瑠 x ルチア

Masukawa Hiroaki❤, let's create the perfect crime.
I steal your heart, and you steal mine

Masukawa Hiroaki
puts the rainbow in my life

Masukawa Hiroaki my legal drug

[♥Masukawa Hiroaki♥] you're the detictive so come solve my mystery


»Masukawa Hiroaki« is my セクシ セクシ L.O.V.E.R.

Masukawa Hiroaki and I did it for the lulz.Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

[Masukawa Hiroaki]tried to write ››me‹‹ a l-o-v-e poem but failed so we moved to the hottest part

I went with Masukawa Hiroaki to ♥GOU & RIA'swedding!

LOVE ADDICTION Photobucket Masukawa Hiroaki

!fervent! = ardent = salacious = delicious = { Masukawa Hiroaki }

ミ★Masukawa Hiroaki fangirl

ATTENTION! »»» Masukawa Hiroaki belongs to me!

「Masukawa Hiroaki」is like fire

[Masukawa Hiroaki] and I love to watch the clouds together for hours on end to see if we can spot a heart-shaped one.

「Masukawa Hiroaki」 is like heaven

ღ; Masukawa Hiroaki makes me feel the heaven

「Masukawa Hiroaki」 is better than chocolate

[Masukawa Hiroaki] said he found his own way to happiness and in the end of this way there was ME~~

I don't need to be the first one to comment on tons of creative blogcrews with pretty graphics and colours to know that 「Masukawa Hiroaki」 loves me forever and he's mine!

Masukawa Hiroaki
anywhere you go, I will be there

I'm the Queen of Masukawa Hiroaki land

ラブラブMe and [Masukawa Hiroaki]danced the night away ☆彡to [音譜~Cherish~音譜] 顔

Masukawa Hiroaki rocks my world...

If I'm the
Masukawa Hiroaki must be my prince.

My friends got me a huge cake for my birthday and [Masukawa Hiroaki]jumped out of it NAKED.

In my dreams {Masukawa Hiroaki} is the KING of my castle in foreverland.

【Masukawa Hiroaki】 took me for a ride in his car

.°Masukawa Hiroaki°.
you shine the brightest

Just when I thought this was the worst day of my LIFE ...{Masukawa Hiroaki} came and gave me a kiss to cheer me up!!!

Masukawa Hiroaki' was born to be loved by me

Masukawa Hiroaki is my reason to live ~

I love Masukawa Hiroaki like a ~fat kid~ loves cake.

Without » Masukawa Hiroaki « I'mnota happy panda.

[Masukawa Hiroaki] and I have a case of summer love

Masukawa Hiroaki Baby, I like you like that.

The one name carved in my heart Masukawa Hiroaki
...it will always belong to him...

[Masukawa Hiroaki] is a growing addiction that I can't deny

おんぷ*:..。o○☆[Masukawa Hiroaki's VOICE BLOGCREW Rika]
☆○o。..:* おんぷ

¦¦ I'm ¤ DAZZELED ¤ by Masukawa Hiroaki's SWEET SMILE----->>> <<<---- ¦¦

Masukawa Hiroaki is the reason of
global warming

♪♪ Masukawa Hiroaki invited ›› me ‹‹ to his PANTS PARTY ♪♪

Call Doctor Masukawa Hiroaki, I need a daily dose of

{ Masukawa Hiroaki } holds my heart !!!

King « Masukawa Hiroaki », you rule my world ☆彡

Masukawa Hiroaki is shy love!

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